Monday, January 27, 2014


This is our mission district.  We did all our training together.  We got very close in a very short time.  There is a special bond when we go through training together and spend so much time together in service to The Lord.

From left to right are the Crayans.  They are from Alabama and are serving as office missionaries in California.  Next are the Arnetts from Provo.  They will be serving in the Spain Madrid Mission.  The young man in the middle is Brother Herman, our afternoon trainer.  Sister Dalynn Briwn is our morning trainer.  She is in another picture.  Next is Elder and Sister Edington (us) going to the South Africa, Durban mission.  Lastly but truly not the least are Elder and Sister Widmar.  They will be serving an at home mission in the Nevada, Reno mission.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Leaving for the MTC

After finally dropping into bed at 11:00 last night I thought I would fall right to sleep because I was so tired, but not me.  I stayed awake most of the night.  I think I must have dozed for a while from about 2:00 to 4:00 but I'm not sure.  Up again at 5:00.  Pop tart, apple and sparkling cider for breakfast.  (Cider left from Christmas that we never got around to drinking and figured now or never.)

Kevin and Kim got to our house at 5:50 and we left just after 6:00.  I am still not sure reality has set in yet.

in at the airport was a breeze for me.  I do not understand why but my ticket was selected for pre boarding so I did not have to take off my boots just my heavy coat.  (Yes I found out I could take my boots). It made going through security a breeze.

Dad on the other hand, had an exciting adventure.  His belt buzzed, then his coat, his wallet and even his new jacket had something in it that triggered the alarm.  He had to go through time and time again.  I was not sure if they were going to let him through without stripping down to his unmentionables.  So much for excitement.

Take off went well with only minor motion sickness on my part.  I do okay as long as I don't look out the window too much and pretend I am sitting in a car.  I really am not afraid to fly at all, I just get queasy with the movement.

Soda or juice and a cookie, peanuts or pretzels.  That should go well with breakfast.  I chose Sprite (hope it helps settle my stomach) and the cookie.  Dalen chose sprite and peanuts.

Turbulence - now that is an interesting experience.  A bit bumpy.  Going into Salt Lake Airport in a smaller plane is interesting in and of itself.  You hear and feel the landing gear as it comes down.  I thinks landings are not my favorite thing but it sure beats the alternative. (Crashing).

I have decided airports are places where you wait for everything.  It took more than 20 min. after we landed to get to the terminal so we could leave the plane only to wait in line to find out where to wait for the shuttle.  I think I am in trouble.  When we leave for Africa we will have some major layovers with some major wait time.

The trip to the MTC is beautiful.  The mountains are so rugged and so beautiful with lots of snow.  I am glad I do not have to drive though, because I have know idea how to get where we are going.

The MTC is incredible.  The people are so friendly, helpful and so out going.  The food is fantastic.  I just have to be careful or I will gain a ton.

Every where we go Senior missionaries are treated like VIP's by everyone including the young missionaries.  Maybe it is just the "deer in the headlights affect."  (I sure have a greater understanding of that saying after today.)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thanks for a wonderful week.

To all my family,
Thanks for a great week.  Grandma and I appreciate all the help you gave us this week.  We are going to miss you.  Remember to put on the whole armor of God.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mission Papers

Mom and I have turned in our mission papers.  Hopefully in 4 to 6 weeks we will know where we are going.  One thing great about this mission, I know I will get along with my companion.

Love Dad and Grandpa

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pictures from the Reunion

What a wonderful time we had at the reunion!  It was great to see you all there.  We missed those that couldn’t make it.  Love you all!  Here are some pictures I was able to take.

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